ZCCHC11 Antibody

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Product Information
Source: Rabbit Purify: Antigen affinity purification
IsoType: IgG Storage: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3. -20oC, Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Immunogen Information
Caculated Molecular
185 kDa Observed Molecular
GenbankNo BC048301 GeneID: 23318
Symbol ZCCHC11 Synonyms ZCCHC11, Terminal uridylyltransferase 4, KIAA0191, TUTase 4, PAPD3

ZCCHC11, also named as KIAA0191 and TUT4, is an uridylyltransferase that acts as a suppressor of microRNA (miRNA) biogenesis by specifically mediating the terminal uridylation of some miRNAs. ZCCHC11 catalyzes the 3' uridylation of precursor let-7 (pre-let-7), a miRNA precursor. Uridylated pre-let-7 miRNAs fail to be processed by Dicer and undergo degradation. Degradation of pre-let-7 contributes to the maintenance of embryonic stem (ES) cells and is required for ES cells to maintain pluripotency. ZCCHC11 can’t bind RNA by itself, recruited to pre-let-7 miRNAs via its interaction with LIN28 and LIN28B. Also catalyzes the 3' uridylation of miR-26A, a miRNA that represses IL6 transcript, leading to abrogate IL6 transcript repression and promote cytokine expression. ZCCHC11 may also suppress Toll-like receptor-induced NF-kappa-B activity via binding to T2BP.

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