S100A6 Antibody

Product Details

Product Information
Source: Mouse Purify: Protein G purification
IsoType: IgG1 Storage: PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3. -20oC, Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.
Immunogen Information
Caculated Molecular
10 kDa Observed Molecular
10 kDa
GenbankNo BC001431 GeneID: 6277
Symbol S100A6 Synonyms S100A6, 2A9, 5B10, MLN 4, CABP

S100A6 is also named as calcyclin, prolactin receptor-associated protein (PRA), growth factor-inducible protein 2A9 ir MLN4. It belongs to S100 family of low molecular weight, acidic, calcium-binding proteins which contain two EF-hand calcium binding sites. S100A6 may function as a calcium sensor to activate several processes in the calcium signal transduction pathway of cell growth, proliferation, secretion and exocytosis.

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