VDAC1/Porin Antibody

Product Details

Product Information
Source Mouse Purification method Protein A purification
Isotype IgG3 Storage PBS with 0.02% sodium azide and 50% glycerol pH 7.3. Store at -20oC.
Immunogen Information
Immunogen Peptide Full name voltage-dependent anion channel 1
Calculated molecular
31 kDa Observed molecular
35-37 kDa
GenBank accession
NM_003374 Gene ID (NCBI) 7416
Gene symbol VDAC1 Synonyms hVDAC1, Plasmalemmal porin, PORIN, PORIN 31 HL, Porin 31HL, Porin 31HM, VDAC, VDAC 1, VDAC1

VDAC1, also named as VDAC, Porin 31HM, Porin 31HL and Plasmalemmal porin, belongs to the eukaryotic mitochondrial porin family. It adopts an open conformation at low or zero membrane potential and a closed conformation at potentials above 30-40 mV, to form a channel through the mitochondrial outer membrane and also the plasma membrane. Unlike other membrane transport proteins, porins are large enough to allow passive diffusion.

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